🌟 DAY 3 - Christmas Countdown - Lycra Hood

🌟 The Snuggy Hoods Lycra Hood is one of our BEST SELLERS for the entire year round. They are popular during all seasons and we talk through some of the reasons why below...
Whether you are a showing, jumping, eventing, dressage, riding club or hacking enthusiast there is always a space in your horses wardrobe for a Lycra Hood.
🌟 Shine The Coat - The perfect hood for creating the ultimate shine on your horses coat. These hoods buff and lay the coat beautifully, creating a coat shine so great that you will almost be able to see your face in it.
🌟 Protects Plaits - There is nothing more disheartening then rocking up to the stables on the morning of a show - having spent hours plaiting your steed the night before....to find the plaits rubbed and destroyed and full of bedding. The Lycra Hood is an absolute LIFE SAVER, they will help keep your plaits in place and will protect them from dust, dirt and bedding.
🌟 Use for Travel or Stable Use - These hoods are great to use in transit, some people even choose to leave them on during the warm up at a show and simply strip off just before entering the ring. They will keep the hay out of the mane when in transit and will keep the coat super shiny ready for the ring. Unfortunately we do not advise to use these hoods during Turn Out - the fabric is not weatherproof and is also incredibly stretchy which would increase the risk of the hood moving on the head during excessive rolling in the field.
🌟 Optional Zip - The zip is available for those horses who are sensitive around their head. This zip will give you a wide opening to pass over the head first before fitting into place and zipping up.
🌟 You CANT BEAT a Snuggy Hoods Lycra - There are many Lycra Horse Hoods on the market although Snuggy Hoods are the market leaders. This hood has won many BEST IN TEST awards when up against a wide range of competitors. There is a wide range of size availability and the fit allows freedom for movement with plenty of length in the neck to prevent the hood from pulling up into the eyes.
🌟 Combine with the Lycra Body Rug - If you are looking for complete coverage then there is the option to combine these hoods with the matching Lycra Body Rug - providing nose to tail coverage.