🌟 DAY 5 - Christmas Count Down - Outdoor Dog Rug

The Snuggy Outdoor Dog Rug (formerly Dogs Body Keep Clean) is made for dirty dogs. Especially dogs that love mud, puddles and dirt - the Outdoor Dog Rug is here to help!
🌟 Weatherproof Fabric - The outdoor dog rug is a great windproof layer protecting from wind and chills and can be used alone of with another rug on top if required for additional warmth. Full tummy coverage prevents tummies getting wet and dirty.
🌟Keeps Clean - If you have a dog who loves to wallow in the mud then this is the rug for you. This rug is made from a mud-proof fabric which you can simply peel off when returning with your dog from a day at the yard or a long muddy walk.
🌟 Ideal Post Op - The close fitting design lends itself perfectly for the protection of wounds post operation.
🌟 Allergies - Due to the coverage these rugs offer, they are very popular with dogs who suffer from allergies. We have a number of customers who find them very useful for their dogs who suffer from grass allergies.
🌟 Also available in a Cosy Polar Fleece fabric