Horse Rug And Hood Alteration Service: Lifetime Alterations For Your Horse Clothing

Here at Snuggy Hoods we offer a lifetime repair scheme to all of our customers. If you purchase a horse rug from us we will make any necessary repairs to it for a set fee of £25 which includes the courier service back to you.

Our experienced equine seamstress is on hand to make any alterations that you need.

This is our standard alteration fee and will cover all alterations needed for one garment e.g. one Hood or one Rug. How To Use To Our Alteration Service

Please print your order once the payment is complete and return the items to us enclosing the order print out in the parcel.

Don't forget to write in the order notes or on the order print-out which alterations you require. Images Of Horse Rug Or Hood

If you haven't already provided photos by email to help us with altering the fit of a Rug or Hood please include these in the parcel.

The fee of £25 includes the return courier service (from us back to you). Please ensure ALL rugs and hoods are washed and dry prior to sending and make sure you enclose a copy of your order showing your contact details and return delivery address. Alterations are usually returned to the customer within 10 working days unless notified otherwise.