Winter Horse Rugs: The Best Choice In Horse Blankets

With the Winter fast approaching you may be thinking of investing in a new Winter rug for your horse. The Snuggy Rugs are designed to our unique specifications and come in all manner of size options. If you have any additional requirements then please feel free to drop is a line as we have our own alterations studio and can help with even the most unusual alteration request.

What About An Under Rug?

The Spik And Span silky under rug is unique to us here at Snuggy Hoods. It's the perfect addition to your horse's wardrobe. It looks stylish and protects against rubbing too.

Warm Winter Rugs

The Jams Fleece Winter rug is cost and comfortable and comes in a variety of size options. It's the perfect warming blanket for your horse in the cold weather.