Fringed Sweet Itch Mask
Fringed Sweet Itch Mask
Fringed Sweet Itch Mask
Fringed Sweet Itch Mask

Fringed Sweet Itch Mask

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The Snuggy Hoods Fringed Sweet Itch Mask offers excellent coverage for face, ears and eyes and is designed to be used with the Bug Body (attaches with D-ring and velcro loop) or with a full high neck fly rug/summer sheet. We recommend the Sweet Itch Mask for the following uses - Sweet Itch prevention & allergy/fly/insect/UV ray protection.

This unique Fringed Sweet Itch Mask has built in ears and double layer fly fringe. It is lined in the mane area behind the ears with a silky fabric and has elasticated adjustment in multiple places for a close, secure fit. The Fringed Sweet Itch Mask comes either as a pull on or zipped option for easier fitting.

Constructed of a robust yet lightweight and fully breathable fabric which prevents insects biting, and is also heavy showerproof, stops coat bleaching (harmful UV rays) whilst keeping your horse or pony clean!

The optional zip runs from chin to under the neck. Without a zip the Fringed Sweet Itch Mask is 'pull on' so simply slip over the nose and pull backwards into position.

Designed for use with the Bug Body Fly Rug but is suitable for use with any full neck fly rug or summer sheet. Also ideal for use with the Headless Sweet Itch Hood for optional face coverage. The Sweet Itch Mask will attach to the Bug Body neck or Headless Sweet Itch Hood with a metal D-ring and strong velcro loop for security.

A spare Velcro loop is provided so the Fringed Sweet Itch Mask can be attached to the neck of an alternative rug for added security. We strongly recommend customers attach the Fringed Sweet Itch Mask to a rug neck as instructed in the fitting information sheet. If you need help with this please contact us before using the Mask.

Sizes – XS to XXL
Colours - Beige & Haint Blue

What is Sweet Itch?

Sweet Itch is caused by an allergic reaction to the bites of the Culicoides midge and, to a lesser extent, Simulium Equinum. At present there is no known cure for Sweet Itch. Once an equine develops the allergy it is generally affected every Spring, Summer and Autumn. There are two approaches to improving the comfort of an affected animal: to minimize the allergic reaction with corticosteroids, anti-histamines or soothing lotions or to minimise midge attack using a Sweet Itch Rug. The second method offers the most effective protection and avoids the need to use harsh chemicals, expensive repellents and messy oils or greases. The Snuggy Sweet Itch Rug has been approved by Veterinary professionals for the prevention of the midge bite allergic reaction.

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