🌟 DAY 1 - Christmas Count Down - Turn Out Hood

The Snuggy Hoods Turn Out Hood has been a best seller since launching nearly 40 years ago. There are so many advantages to using one of these hoods on your horse or pony. We thought we would run through a few points in our Christmas Countdown.
🌟 Mudproof - Keeping your horse or pony clean both during turn out and stable use. The fabric has been treated with a weatherproof coating so it stops moist poo stains seeping through the fabric - IDEAL FOR THE GREY HORSE OWNER.
🌟 Weatherproof - This hood will keep your horse or pony dry during showers. If your horse is turned out during heavy rain then moisture spots may seem through the fabric although he/she shall remain cosy and warm and still protected from the elements. Do a test and stick your hand up inside the hood when wet and you will notice they are nice and warm underneath still.
🌟 Silky Mane & Shoulder - This will help to protect the mane and shoulders from rubbing.
🌟 Optional Zip - This will give you a wide opening to pass over the head first before fitting into place and zipping up. More suitable for those are a little head shy or nervous.
🌟 Alteration Service - Whilst the majority of horses fit into one of our standard sizes, if your horse or pony is inbetween sizes then Snuggy Hoods offer an alteration service to achieve the correct size and fit for your horse or pony.
🌟 Protects Plait - The satin mane lining lends the Turn Out Hood well for protecting plaits the night before a show.
🌟 Slows Coat Regrowth - Keep your clipped coats for longer. These hoods provide additional warmth, face coverage and chill prevention.
🌟 Help To Prevent Mane Loss - When used with a standard neck rug, these hoods are popular to help prevent winter mane loss. The hoods are cut to have additional length in the neck to alleviate the problem of pressure on the mane when the head is down and grazing.
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