🌟 DAY 9 - Christmas Count Down - Turn Out Head

DAY 9 - Christmas Count Down - Turn Out Head

Designed for use under high neck Turn Out rugs, the Turn Out head was created especially for mud monsters. Perfect for preventing mud and stable stains and also helps prevent clipped faces growing back so quickly.
🌟 Mud Monster Help - If you find yourself battling with your horse or pony each day to scrub off endless amounts of mud from the ears, face and top of neck then the Turn Out Head is here to help. There is an optional zip for those horses who would not allow you to pull the mask on, the zip opens completely so you can place the mask on and simply fasten the zip.
🌟 Use with any Rug - The Turn Out Head is not only for turn out use. You can use it in the stable too if wishing to prevent stable stains on the face. You can fasten the Turn Out Head to any rug with a neck cover. There is a velcro strip which you sew into the inside of your neck cover, this then loops through the D ring on the top of the head and sticks back to itself. If you require additional velcro strips then please make a note at the checkout and we shall enclose additional at no extra cost.
🌟 Prevents Rain Scald - The ideal protection for horses who suffer from rain scald on their heads.
🌟 Ear Protection - A popular option to use on horses that suffer from Ear Plaque. Due to the sensitivity of their ears they often dislike their ears being touched let alone brushed, the turn out head helps to keep the ears, clean and protected - saving you both a fight.
DAY 9 - Christmas Count Down - Turn Out Head