Remount 500ml

Remount 500ml

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One of our original and best-selling products, our liver tonic is a natural and fast-acting liquid. Designed by scientists in India our product contains a range of Ayurvedic herbs carefully formulated to work with each other for superb results. Used by vets, racehorse trainers as well as everyday horse owners.

What is it for?

It is a general tonic that helps horses to maintain health and vitality by supporting normal liver function. A properly functioning liver is essential for the health and well being of your horse and pony. It is suitable for use by all horses and ponies from racehorses, competition horses to happy hackers and those retired. Suitable for all ages including foals.

What does it do?

Supports normal liver function
Supports normal lymphatic function
Maintains a good metabolism
Supports a good appetite
Maintains good digestion
Maintains health

What herbs are in it?

Our herbs are specially selected for their health and digestive properties

Achyranthes aspera (devil’s horsewhip)
Bohervia diffussa (punarnava)
Swertia chiraita (chitretta)
Eclipta alba (false daisy)
Terminalia tomentosa (Indian laurel)
Tephrosa purpurea (wild indigo)
Phyllanthus niruri (gale of the wind)
Fumaria officinalis (common fumitory)
Gentiana kurrao (Himalayan gentian)

How do I feed it to my horse or pony?

It can be added to the water, mixed in feeds or applied directly into the mouth.

Feed 25ml twice per day for 3 days and then 10ml twice per day for 17 days.

Remount can then be used continuously every day at 10ml per day.

Most people, however, choose to use it for 20 days every two or three months to help with general health and wellbeing.

For specific advice on particular conditions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Does it work?

Try it for yourself and see the results! Results can be seen very quickly. This is one of our original and longest selling products. We have helped so many horses and ponies over the years to the delight of their owners.