Summer Allergies In Horses: How To Stop Itching

Sweet itch is a Summer allergy affecting horses - Also know as summer seasonal recurrent dermatitis, sweet itch is an allergic reaction to the saliva of biting midges, sand flies and a certain kind of black fly.

If left untreated sweet itch can become a very serious problem for your horse.

Sweet itch generally runs from April until October although it is still possible for the condition to occur at other times of the year.

Where Does Summer Sweet Itch Affect The Horse?

Commonly along the spine the mane, the forelock and the tail. Other areas that can also become affected are underneath the stomach, saddle, head, sheath and legs.

The best way to help a horse suffering from sweet itch is to prevent midges and flies biting them in the first place. If you can keep your horse free of these pesky insects then you might have a chance at stopping the itch in the first instance rather than having to treat it once your horse is affected.

How Top treat Summer Allergies In Horses - Itch Treatments

If your horse does become affected by itching there are many lotions and potions out there to treat the itch but remember that often horses afflicted by the condition will have very sensitive skin therefore some may act as an irritant.

How Best To Stop Your Horse From Becoming Affected By Summer Itching And Fly Bites

Try to keep your horse stabled dusk and dawn as typically that's when the midges are out in full force.

Special horse rugs are used to stop the midges and flies getting to the horse. we stock an extensive range of fly rugs for horses to help prevent sweet itch from affecting your horse.

The Snuggy Anti Itch rugs are the perfect protection for your horse. Keep the flies at bay to keep your horse itch free.

summer allergy horse rugs

Feed supplements are also available to minimise the affects of the itching.

How To Manage A Horse With Sweet Itch Summer Allergy

For sure managing a horse suffering with an itchy condition is not easy but try to get into a routine with your treatment of the condition and looking after your horse will become easier. Make sure you keep them covered with a horse rug at the worse times of the day.