All In One's for Horses: Horse Hoody From Snuggy Hoods

We manufacture our very own horse clothing. We stock a variety of all in one's and hoodies for horses. A horse hoody from Snuggy Hoods is an investment piece of clothing. It's quality means it will stand the test of time and it's superb comfort makes for a happy horse!

What Is A Horse Hoody?

It's exactly that - a hood for a horse. Constructed of a robust yet breathable, shower proof, fully washable stretch fabric and lined with a silky shoulder and mane saver to prevent shoulder rub or chaffing It is designed for use all year round this weather proof hoody is the perfect choice.

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Horse Clothing From Snuggy Hoods

You won't find a bigger selection of horse clothing online. If you do we want to know about it! We try to keep our collection of original clothing for horses as unique as possible. With a horse all in one from Snuggy Hoods you can be assured of the very best quality and comfort for your horse. you might choose a complete all in one rug or a rug and hood combo, each does the trick of providing superb protection from sweet itch, flies and bugs whilst providing your horse with maximum comfort.

Horse all in one