🌟 DAY 4 - Christmas Count Down - Winter Under Rug

Day 4 - Christmas Count Down Winter Under Rug

The Winter Under Rug (formerly the Spik & Span Rug) is perfect for use as an under Rug or extra layer in the colder months to keep your horse or pony warm with a clean and dry belly.
🌟 Base Layer - The perfect rug for creating a windproof base layer. This rug will prevent any chills getting in and underneath your rugs. Ideal for keeping the underside of your rugs clean - the winter under rug is easily machine washed so helps keep everything fresh and clean.
🌟 Full Tummy Coverage - It has been proven that horses loose a lot of heat from the tummies.Therefore by covering this area your furry friend will remain much more cosy. The full tummy cover helps to keep this area clean when lying down in both the stable and the field and also helps to keep the tummy dry.
🌟 Field or Stable Use - These rugs have been treated with a weatherproof coating - making them ideal for preventing stable stains aswel as keeping clean and dry during turn out. The best multi-purpose under rug on the market.
🌟 Generous Fit - These rugs tend to suit most shapes and sizes although one MAIN POINT we like to highlight is that these rugs do come up as a generous fit due to the stretch in the fabric. If your horse varies between two sizes then we advise to go for the smaller.
When you try the rug on - stand at the back of your horse/pony and pull the rug back. This will give you an idea of where it shall sit once it has been worn for a period of time. If the back of the rug is sitting any lower than the very top of the tail then it is too long and you will need to go down a size. If in doubt then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further help before using.
🌟 Combine with the Turn Out Hood - As pictured above, the winter under rug can be combined with the turn out hood or headless turn out hood for complete coverage if required.