🌟 DAY 8 - Christmas Count Down - Jams Fleece Hood

DAY 8 - Christmas Count Down - Jams Fleece Hood

The Snuggy Jams Hood is made from the softest, cosy polar fleece making them the perfect pjamas for your horse or pony.
🌟 Additional Warmth - Cosy polar fleece covering the face, ears, neck and chest which helps to stop winter coats coming through so quickly. They are also great at keeping a clipped coat for longer due to the additional coverage and chill prevention.
🌟 Silky Mane & Shoulder Lining - This soft and silky lining helps the hood to glide across the hair without causing friction. A spray of mane & tail or show sheen is also another customer tip to helping everything remain static free and silky soft.
🌟 Additional Length in Neck - These hoods are cut to have additional length in the neck. This helps to avoid any pressure along the top of the mane. You will notice lots of wrinkles of fabric along the neck, this extra fabricis taken up when the head is down and eating.
🌟 Optional Zip - Available in either a pull on or zipped version, the zip provides a wide opening to pass over the head first before fitting into place and zipping up. If you have a horse who will not allow anything passed over the head then there is the option to have an alteration to make the hood open fronted (additional cost of £25).