Dog Coats - Protection For Allergies

Engel's Success Story

Engel is 9. She was diagnosed with terminal skin cancer over a year ago.
She has open sores on her upper left leg which I dress & bandage every other day, but, being a little madam, she was constantly ripping off her bandages. After going through several different dog coats & specialist dog medical vests I eventually found one of your coats on Ebay.
Because the wounds are on her hind leg it is extremely hard to find anything that will cover that area & stop her getting to it. I contacted Lauren & asked about the rear portion of the coats & explained that Engel would be wearing the coat 24/7. On her advice I ordered the Haint Blue Stay Clean coat.
I wish I had found you months ago!
I ordered a size larger than needed as i needed to ensure all bandages where covered. The rear portion goes far down the legs and I make sure I don't put the elastic too far up.
Because of this coat she cannot get to her wounds. One of her most stubborn sores, which she has had for about 2 months, is now healing up nicely. I saw you had a sale on recently & had to buy the fleecey red sheep coat too! Hope you like the pictures. Yes she does look quite miffed hehe she prefers to be ripping off her bandages!'

Ursula's Staffy Success Story

I just wanted to say a huge Thank you for designing the Dogs Body !
It really has been a life saver.
My Staffy developed a grass allergy as a young pup and is unable go outside without protection.
With the use of the Dogs Body she hasn't looked back.
She can now sunbathe for the first time without coming out in painful hives, chewing and scratching herself till it bled.
As a result her medication has been reduced and quality of life has improved 100%.
Thank you once again Snuggy hoods for a life saving product.

If you can relate to these stories and are wondering how they could help your canine friends then please do not hesitate to get in contact with a member of the Snuggy Hoods team.

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