Latest Blog from Endurance Rider Louise Rich

The endurance season is over for this year and what a season we have had!

The horses have really stepped up and I am very excited about 2016. Oakleaze Farm Cziko has qualified for the World Championships next year. I am hoping to get the other two Oakleaze Farm Czamak and Oakleaze Farm Czako qualified also.

All three will go on to compete in dressage over the winter.

Snuggy Hoods came to take some photos of the Hoods we are using which we find very useful. Cziko is wearing the leopard print headless Jams Hood, Czamak is in the headless Turn Out Hood and Czako is in the red Jams Hood with the blue horse heads. The hoods are fantastic for keeping the horses clean, warm and dry. They also keep plaits in place. As the Hoods are self fixing they can be worn with any rug - very flexible!

Lou x