Latest Blog from Para Dressage Rider Natalie Povey

We are off to our first competition together at the weekend which I am really looking forward to – I had hoped to be out competing sooner so we could qualify for the British Para Dressage Winter Championship next year but I have had a nightmare with Elton’s passport as we had to apply for a duplicate – we have been going round in circles with it for months but it is finally nearly sorted but I have been issued with a non-breeding passport so we can travel him for the time being. It just wasn’t worth the risk travelling him before receiving an official document in case we were inspected.

We have missed out on most of the winter qualifiers now but there are two left within reasonable driving distance (2 ½ hours) which I will be aiming Elton for, the others are a little too far to travel a young horse who hasn’t really done any travelling or competing before. I have to think of Elton first, so I will be using these two competitions for experience so he can get out and see the world a little bit. I will however be aiming to qualify for British Dressage KBIS Gold National Championships and the Para-Equestrian Silver Summer Championships next year. All being well I will also be aiming Elton towards the Para Dressage Home International and his first 2* international.

Best wishes,