Reduce Clipping Requirements

The Tedious Task of Winter Clipping

Clipping is a must for many throughout the winter to prevent horses from catching a chill when becoming sweaty after work with a thick winter coat. It can often become quite a chore if you are struggling to find the time, in which case it is important to be aware of possible ways of reducing the amount of times your horse needs to be clipped.

Soooo... who has already clipped their horses once....twice....three or even four times already this winter. There is a solution to making sure your horse's clip lasts longer, slowing the hair growth yet keeping a fantastic sheen on the coat. The key to this is to rug your horse with a "second skin", it is key that this fits correctly to avoid rubbing, they aim to eliminate drafts and chills getting to the skin or under any rugs during both turn out and stabling.

Snuggy Hoods offer a range of items which shall help you protect your horse from the elements, there are a variation of combinations available although the best for this purpose is the Spik & Span Rug teamed with the Weatherproof Turn out Hood.

The Spik & Span Rug

This is the perfect under rug in the colder months to keep your horse or pony extra cosy with a clean and dry belly. The rug has a weatherproof tummy cover which helps the horse retain heat which is usually lost from this area. The are a close fitting rug which is made from a weatherproof fabric, moisture proof, windproof, mud proof ...what more could you want!

The Snuggy Hoods Spik & Span Rug with Turn out Hood - Full winter protection!

Weatherproof Turn Out Hood

The turn out weatherproof turn out hood is designed to save the horse owner many hours of grooming time. Those who are sick of bringing in their wet and muddy horses from the field, tack becoming filthy time and time again, this is certainly the product for you. Remove the hood when you are ready to ride and your horse shall be gleaming underneath.

The turn out hood eliminates drafts getting down the horses neck and causing them to catch a chill, the hood helps clipped heads last longer and stunts those horrid guard hairs coming through.

For those of you who prefer to keep your horse's turn out wardrobe separate to their stable attire then we do also have the answer for this....check out our Jams range designed for the stable which is made from a cosy polar fleece and shall also work for the same purpose. Jams Fleece Horse Rug

Jams Fleece Horse Hood

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with the Snuggy Hoods team for further information, we are here to help every step of the way. Call us on 01225 783399.