Horses Itching in Autumn/Winter - Help to Manage

winter itching

The most common question at present is "When are summer rugs going to be restocked?"

Did you know??

Our Winter turn out range is cut to the same fly and itch busting pattern as the Summer Itch protection hoods & rugs, only being marginally heavier in fabric for the cooler weather.  As well as being mudproof, weather resistant & fully breathable for the Autumn/Winter climate. 

They still offer the same protection to your horse from bugs, flies and general itching which can be common all year round.

Check the AW range out HERE

The most popular products used for seasonal itching are those listed below.

seasonal itching protection for horses

winter itching hoods

If you are looking for any further help or advice on the best coverage for your horse or pony this Autumn/Winter.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a friendly chat on.

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