How do you keep your horse so clean 🧼???

clean horse

Whilst there is a bit of elbow grease that goes into keep a grey or coloured horse squeaky clean… the main bulk of responsibility is down to the @snuggyhoods products.
In the warmer months, my coloured horse wears the Bug Body Fly Rug and in the winter the new Base Body Under Rug. These are products that I could simply not live without.
The fabric is weatherproof so stops stable stains in the stable = lifesaver!! And when out in the field I don’t have to worry about the body or neck getting muddy and all I am left to wash are her legs.
For full face coverage you can use the summer turn out hood combined with the sweet itch rug which will offer the same protection against dirt & poo…these products are so much more than fly & insect protection.