Introducing Snuggy Hoods sponsored rider Louise Rich

My name is Louise Rich I am 23 years old and I work for B&W Equine group

as well as being an equine sports massage therapist.

I compete in endurance with my own homebred Arabs, I have 5 competition

horses in total, two of them are at FEI level one being 2* & the other 4*.

These two horses Cziko & Czamak are my international Team GBR horses. Czamak

hasn't yet completed a 160km but that is the plan for next year, Cziko on the other hand has been on many Development squad teams travelling to Mont Le Soie in Belgium. He was selected for the Young Rider World Championships in Abu Dhabi in 2010 and gained a bronze medal in the 2012 Young Rider European Championships In Belgium he is qualified for the European Championships this year which have just past & the World Championships for Seniors next year.

My other two horses, Czarena & Czelo are my national horses who do up to 160km over two days these two are 17 & 18 so they tend to be my fun horses now who don't do a huge amount of big distances anymore.

Finally my youngest horse Czelection 'Dude' is 5 years old so he is just starting work but the aim in future is that he will become a member of Team GBR.

I’ll be posting regular blogs on what we are getting up to!