June blog from Para Dressage rider Natalie Povey

Elton has been with me a month now and has settled very well into his new home and routine – he has already found where I keep the treats for when he’s been good. He is such a lovely boy who seems well suited to his job as a para dressage horse and is quite a character. He is working very well in the school and progressing everyday – he is eager to please and picks things up very quickly, just wanting to learn. He is also getting more confidence in me and learning to trust me when he’s not to sure. He is such a good boy to mount on and off as he just stands there and waits for me to organise myself, he is very patient.

In our schooling sessions we have been focusing on Elton’s rhythm, making sure he’s not rushing or too forward, especially in the trot as well as helping him to develop his confidence and balance in his work as he is only five. We have also been working on our transitions making sure he stays relaxed and straight through them. He has also been working on his straightness away from the fence of the school, to start with he was a bit of a wriggly worm, but he soon got the idea.

Elton has also had a visit from the vet who came to give him his routine vaccinations, as well as being visited by our farrier and saddler this month. Elton was a super star for the farrier having his first ever set of shoes on his front feet as well as having his hind feet trimmed. Katie Farrell our saddle fitter also visited to measure Elton for his new Harry Dabbs Dressage Saddle, who have also kindly lent us a saddle until ours is made. It has made such a difference already.