Natalie Povey Blog Update

Blog for July and August
At the beginning of July we made the trip to the vets to reviews Tidy’s soundness issues – there was a vast improvement from the last visit and we seem to be on the right road.
With Tidy’s improvement and new management routine, it was agreed that I could bring Tidy back into full work slowly, I had been keeping her ticking over with some light schooling and she felt ready to progress in her training so with our vets advise I have gradually picked her back up.
At first we just did straight lines and gradually progressed back to our normal schooling routine over a number of weeks. She has come back better than ever and I just hope we can keep moving forward from here. We are a long way off from being back to full fitness but she is feeling so well, she just need time now to gain her fitness and strength back up.

Blog for September
Over the last two months I have gradually brought Tidy back into works after some time off. We are now at a stage in her training where I can start asking more of her, she has coped well up to now with everything that I have asked of her and she wants to be doing more, I am being a little cautious at the moment as she is due back for a review at the vets next month.
I have started to work towards competition movements and have also increased the length of our schooling sessions gradually in order to help her gain more fitness and strength. She seems very please to be back in work and is enjoying her work.
We have been working in a longer frame than usual to help her develop her topline as after time off she just needs to build the muscle back up. I have notice a huge difference in the last couple of weeks although I know we have a long way to go yet and it will be something that we will have to work as a team to manage long term.
We are hoping to be back out competing and attending clinics in the near future.