New Blog Post International Show Jumper Guy Williams

Well what can I say starting 2016 with a great new sponsor snuggy hoods which both my team and horses love to use. The year for me always starts with myself and a team of horses ranging from 5year olds to my top horses travelling to the Spanish sunshine tour. We all enjoy this tour it gets us away from the cold winters back here in France. I had some good wins and placing in numerous classes and this year I had some new horses added to my string with 6 weeks at this show always helps me get used to the horses.

We arrived home the end of March and if I'm honest we have been from show to show ever since changing to different horses each week. Summer is always busy for us show jumpers plenty of beautiful shows and obviously busy for us with hoping for a selection to the Rio Olympics with a great team, sponsors and family supporting me were all hoping for a successful next few months.