Onesies for Horses - Decisions, decisions ....

Onesie's for Horses ...which one to buy?

There are many debates when it comes to covering up your horses & ponies in a bid to keep them as clean as possible for the show ring, slow the regrowth of hair after being clipped and generally to add a little bit of fun to your best friends wardrobe.

Following on from many, many conversations with our customers. Snuggy Hoods felt that it would be a worthwhile exercise to provide some help and advice about the best coverage for your horse during those chilly evenings. It is paramount when selecting horse wear that the correct size and fit is achieved in order to ensure that your equine friends are as comfortable as possible.

As a rug manufacturing company "Snuggy Hoods" take the responsibility of trialing and testing any new products before bringing them to the market. All items are trialed on a number of willing volunteers, carefully monitored for their fit, comfort and suitability for purpose. The successful designs are the products we proudly offer today.

Horse Onesie's with Legs?

This is a question which crops up from time to time. Snuggy Hoods have extensively researched full length leg covers for horses, having trialed and tested many different designs in order to provide a solution for those owners who have a terribly messy horse.

Rug designs with the leg coverage like those pictured above are very restricting for your horse. Full length leg covers make general movements such as laying down and getting up very uncomfortable and can create sores and rubs caused by friction and rubbing which are commonly found around the hock, elbow, knee and stifle are common. This is not something that you want whether or not you are planning on entering the show ring.

Horse onesies are a fab and fun idea, they can come in many shapes and forms. The "all on one" body suits for horses which are available on the market today pose a great amount of problems too for horse owners. They do not allow enough length in the neck to allow the freedom of movement your horse requires, tending to slip back over the bottom, pulling back on the shoulders and resulting in the hood pulling into the horse or ponies eyes....not how you want to find your pony in the morning.

Snuggy Hoods offer a Horse Fleece Hood and a Horse Fleece Rug which can be combined to create nose to tail coverage to make your horse onesie.

Snuggy Hoods Jams Stable Fleece Horse Hood

Jams Fleece Stable Horse Rug

The Snuggy Jams Hood and Rug are designed to create the perfect horse onesie without leg covers. This design allow complete free range of movement for your horses whether he or she is turned out or in the stable. The Snuggy Hoods horse onesie it suitable to be used as an under layer during turn out or can be use by itself for traveling, stable use.

The Snuggy Jams hood is fitted first and the rug then goes over the top, this creates a double layer of fabric around the shoulder. The fleece hood has an inbuilt silky bib, together with a satin mane saver. The hood has plenty of length in the neck to allow ultimate comfort for your horse when grazing or eating from the floor - preventing mane rubs and any friction areas. Snuggy Hoods offer 10 sizes of hoods, allowing customers to achieve the best possible fit for their horses. Better still, Snuggy Hoods provide an alteration service, so should you have a particularly tricky shaped horse....we can always make sure there is a hood to fit! We always ask customers to be fussy with the fit of their hoods and rugs, a hood or rug which is too tight or too large can cause discomfort for your horse or certainly would not go out and purchase underwear which is much too small or big...or maybe dug into certain areas causing discomfort. The Snuggy Jams rug is available in rug sizes varying from 4'6" to 7'0", made to order smaller or larger sizes can also be ordered upon request. There is an optional "turn out belly" which can be added to your rug too to ensure your horses tummy stays warm and dry at all times.

How Can I Keep My Horses Legs Clean

A few tips and tricks that Snuggy Hoods recommend to those who are looking to keep their horse or ponies legs clean at night whilst avoiding full length leg covers.

Snuggy Hoods offer a set of four Stable/ Travel Boots (pictured below) which are made from a soft polar fleece, these can be purchased in a matching colour to your horses onesie. This would provide your horse with comfortable protection from knee & hock down to hoof.

The areas remaining which are not covered on the horse require a bit of scrubbing and elbow grease however using "Show Sheen" on your horses coat will help to repel mud and dirt from your horses hair. Spray this onto a brush and thoroughly groom your horse before rugging your horse up, brush it all down the legs only avoiding the saddle area.

We hope that you have all found this a useful blog, thank you for taking the time to read. Be sure to get in touch if you have any questions regarding the Snuggy Hoods range, we are always here to help. 01225 783399 /