Snuggy Hoods are the PERFECT option for Draught Breeds

Lucky is doing well and her Sweet Itch is nicely under control with the Snuggy Hoods Sweet Itch Hood.  Lucky had previously rubbed her mane, ears and her poll although since having the hood on she has stopped this completely.  Sarah has found that the hood together with the application of wonder gel has enabled the hair to grow back within 2 weeks.  Lucky's skin is looking in great condition and free from sores!
Lucky is now wearing the complete Snuggy Hoods Sweet Itch Set (the Sweet Itch Hood combined with the Sweet Itch Rug).  The hood can be used with any rug and the rug can be used with any hood so this is a versatile option.   This combination of products provides the best protection for Sweet Itch sufferers, the double layer of fabric at the neckline eliminates midges and other small insects getting in and under the rug at the neckline. 

There is the choice of an optional udder cover, sheath cover or front leg covers. These can be fitted onto both the Sweet Itch Rug and Bug Body Fly Rug.