Snuggy Hoods is proud to sponsor Clayton Fredericks

Clayton is excited to announce a new sponsorship deal with Snuggy Hoods, specialising in original horse wear

Snuggy Hoods offers premium blankets and hoods for horses to protect them from the elements. Rain or Shine, Snow and Mud, insects and UV damage.

Clayton said, I am really grateful for the opportunity to enter into a new sponsorship agreement with Snuggy Hoods. When I was based in the UK these products were an essential part of my program, enabling me to have my horses coats looking their best regardless of the weather conditions. It is exciting that Snuggy Hoods is now available in the U.S. and I would recommend their products 100%. Yard favorites include the Bug Body Horse Fly Sheet to protect your horse outdoors and the Slinky Show Stretch Hood to have your horse looking it is best while competing.

Other products in the range include:

Silky Anti-Rub Horse Shoulder Guard

Anti-Itch Horse Mask

Slinky Show Stretch Lycra Blanket

Turn Out Weatherproof Horse Hood