Snuggy Hoods Sponsors Rhys & Coen Williams


I spoke to Adrian yesterday and he said the Spik & Span Rugs & Weatherproof turn out hoods were fab, an excellent fit for all of the jumping ponies.... they are now so clean! We go to Clare Equestrian most weekends and between Rhys & Coen they have won every class there.

We are due to start the RDS qualifiers in 2 weeks so further updates to follow. We also got a 148cm Stallion - Shadow Dancer back last week - Rhys won the National Discovery (beating 16year olds on the European team) at only 11 years last year, so he is now back in work.

Last but not least....Rhys Williams has been asked to do an interview on US airwaves this week!!!Keep your eyes and ears open, the interview will be 15 mins long and will be aired 9.00 – 10.30 am USA (Eastern Time).

That’s all the latest from your headquarters in the West of Ireland!!!