The Best Fly Rugs For Horses: Stop Fly Bites In Horse

Fly Rugs For Horses From Snuggy Hoods - The Snuggy Bug Body is the perfect fly rug for your horse. Stop those fly bites in he Summer months. This fly rug/blanket is a must have piece of clothing for any horse as it offers superb protection from all of those flies and midges that can make your horse's life a misery in the hot Summer months.

the best rugs for horses

The Snuggy Bug Body comes as a two piece neck and rug combo for easy fit.

Sweet Itch

Protect your horse from fly bites and sweet itch with this Anti-itch Horse Rug offering maximum protection and maximum comfort.

The Sweet Itch Rug from Snuggy Hoods prevents coat bleaching and is mud proof and water repellent. This Sweet Itch Rug is also fabulous as an under rug for autumn/winter use, to keep your horse clean and add that extra layer for warmth.

fly rugs for horses

Important things to consider before buying a horse rug...

Think about the type of use, fabric, style and sizing when choosing the perfect rug for your horse. Sizing is all important when it comes to comfort.