The Best Turn Out Hood for Your Horse


Undoubtedly the best Turn Out Hood for horses on the Market.....

Save valuable time which is usually spent grooming your horse, the Snuggy Hoods Turn Out Hood keeps your horse clean, warm and dry during cold and wet months. Quick and easy to fit and keeps your horse cosy out in the field in the winter weather.

The Snuggy Hoods Turn Out Hood is fitted with a silky mane liner, this is fantastic for protecting the mane from rubbing. The Snuggy Hoods turn out range has a fantastic reputation for Mane regrowth, Anti-Rub Neck Covers, Winter Mane Savers, Mane Guards and once you own one they certainly become an invaluable item in your horses wardrobe.

The Snuggy Hoods Weatherproof Turn Out hood can be worn with a Standard neck rug which we advise if it is not raining heavily as this reduces any friction on the mane that you get with a full neck/ combi rug. In heavy rain a neck rug is advisable to provide extra waterproofing.

Be sure not to be the one missing out this winter, it is a never ending worry coming into winter for many horse owners as to how much longer their horse will keep both its summer coat and mane. Buy a Turn Out Hoods today and you will never turn back, they help to slow winter coat growth along with keeping a beautiful full and thick mane.

SHOP HERE - £75 or £80 with Zip

Snuggy Hoods Weatherproof Turn Out Hood are an essential part of both Mary King's & Clayton Fredericks tack room - Check out the video of Mary King below explaining why she finds them so great.