Will my horse be too hot in your rugs?

A question we often get asked is...will my horse get too hot in your Bug Body Fly Rug or Sweet Itch products?
Horses, ponies & donkeys come in all shapes & sizes and have different lifestyles, housing & coverage requirements. Whilst there may be the odd few that our products may not suit, we have successfully clothed horses, ponies & donkeys Worldwide for over 40 years with great success.
Climates vary from country to country although the rugging requirement for a sweet itch sufferer or bug sensitive horse does not change. There is a fine line between manufacturing a fabric which is fully breathable yet also thick enough to preventing insects and mosquitoes from biting through the fabric.
bug body fly rug
It is of upmost importance when introducing a new rug or hood to your horse, pony or donkey that you allow them a couple of weeks minimum to acclimatize to wearing the products.
If your horse is not used to be rugged or has previously been rugged in a very thin mesh fly rug that is not doing the job....then they will often need to process through the "shedding phase" before being totally comfortable in their new wardrobe.
During this period, it is paramount that the products are left on 24/7 other than when being ridden, groomed or bathed. They may initially become warm although this is all part of the process. They will begin to shed an additional layer of coat to adjust, you will notice this as when you open up the belly band of the rugs - you will be able to shake out lots of hair.
Once this process has taken place, we have thousands of customers who swear by the products and have many many more horses & ponies who could simply not live without them.
bug body fly rug ride on
Many of our customers even say that the products act as a cooling agent rather than making them hotter, this is because they are not being irritated by flies and can graze happily without becoming agitated throughout the day.
If you are looking for any product advice or help then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of our team.
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