Horse Rugs: The Best Rug To Encourage Coat Shine

Encourage your horse's coat to shine with one of our shiny show horse rugs.

What Is The Show Rug Made From? Made of the finest nylon shiny spandex, the Rug covers body and belly to keep the coat shiny and looking in tip top condition.

Complete Protection Horse Rugs Our Shiny Show Rug is designed to be worn with our Shiny Show Hood to offer complete nose to tail coverage for the show season, keeping coat super shiny and dust free. A great hood and rug combo designed to encourage shine.

encourage your horse's coat to shine

Tips For Keeping Your Horse's Coat Shiny

Making sure your horse is getting the right vitamins and minerals is a very important factor in keeping his/her coat shiny all year round. Did you know that seaweed is considered an excellent way of encouraging shine without the 'weight gain'.

Be sure to groom your horse at least twice a day (especially just before a show) and be sure to wash your horse regularly, getting rid of sweat and dirt as neither of these things promote a healthy shiny coat!

Nothing beats shine from within. Although there are many products out their for improving your horse's coat, keeping them in tip top condition is made a lot easier with a good diet and good grooming practices.