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Laundry Bag

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The Snuggy Hoods Laundry Bag is a 'must have' product for anyone washing 'horsey' items in a domestic washing machine.

The Laundry Bag is suitable for washing numnahs, rugs, boots, hoods, lightweight rugs and other horse  equipment without clogging up the machine. The wash bag creates a filter system for your washing machine. It works by catching all horse hair, bedding, hay and other 'bits' inside the bag during the wash cycle, whilst allowing water to flow freely through the bag to clean your items thoroughly.

Prevent damage to your washing machine from loose horse hair and other 'bits' by using the Snuggy Laundry Bag. It has the added benefit of cushioning small buckles and clips which can protect the drum and glass from additional wear and tear and help noise reduction.

The quilted Laundry Bag is very user friendly with a simple velcro opening at the top. Simply put your 'horsey' items in the bag with your usual detergent, close the velcro top and put inside the machine's drum on a normal cycle. When the wash has finished, remove the items, turn the bag inside out and shake out all the loose hair etc ready for the next wash.

Your washing machine is likely to 'live' longer thanks to the Snuggy Laundry Bag! When not in use, the wash bag is handy for storing away your horse items neatly away from dust & damp. One quilted Laundry Bag is large enough for an XXL Snuggy Hood and Rug set. Fantastic for washing the Bug Body Fly Rug or several smaller horse wear items such as the Shoulder Guard or Lightweight Rug Liner.

TOP TIP - The Laundry Bag is also excellent for washing pet beds, dog coats & muddy trainers - basically anything dirty, muddy or hairy!

One Size - Dimensions 55cm W x 70cm L Colour - Black

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