Environmental Policy

We are continuously striving to improve our performance in relation to environmental, social and waste reduction issues.

We are committed to minimise the impact of our activities as follows:-

We carefully source synthetic and mixed fibres. We ensure that all our Suppliers work within the parameters of our ethical and environmental policies.

Our dedicated factory in Sri Lanka is a supporter of GWG (Garments without Guilt) All Employees are at least 18 years of age and receive a minimum living wage and good working conditions. We visit the factory every three months to ensure that our standard of Employee treatment, production, recycling requirements, waste reduction and environmental responsibilities are maintained.

Here in our depot at Holt, we use compact fluorescent lamps and LED lighting. All heating is controlled by time switch and we recycle everything that it is possible to recycle.

Managing Director Rebecca Godfrey-Faussett takes a keen on-going role in environmental issues and regular management and staff discussions take place with a view to improving waste reduction and environmental issues.

Snuggy Hoods Ltd. is committed to the above. Any breach by a Supplier could result in the termination of that business relationship and a breach by an Employee result in Disciplinary action.