✨The Ultimate Fly Rug✨

Meet Burnie the Israeli Donkey ✨

burnie the donkey
Burnie is based at a Donkey sanctuary in Israel who along with 180 others. He has experienced quite alot of trauma in his life having been severely burnt by children a number of years ago 😪 although he has certainly landed on his hooves with @savehaven4donkeys where he is being treated like a King ✨
His burnt areas are treated daily with moisturises before rugging. The sanctuary were struggling with rugs being too warm for Burnie in the hot climate so they got in touch with us upon vet recommendation
After a good chat with the team at @snuggyhoods they decided to put the Bug Body Fly Rug to the test and this is their feedback....
"Just to say the Bug Body coat was perfect for Burnie so we've ordered a few more for him and for a couple of others with sweet itch. I've attached a photo of Burnie in his new coat (see photos). Many thanks for your help with this."✨
burnie the donkey in bug body fly rug
Check out all of the advanced features of the Snuggy Hoods Bug Body Fly Rug:
✅ Fully breathable
✅ Full Tummy Coverage
✅ Bug & Insect Bite-Proof
✅ Protects from UV
✅ Detachable neck cover
✅ Dual Tail Coverage (wrap & flap)
✅ Satin mane lining
✅ Strong velcro closures
✅ Suitable for mares with foals at foot
✅ Available in a variety of colour options