The Mud...Mud....Oh Glorious Mud is BACK

It is getting to that time of year again when our fields begin to resemble more of swamp than we desire.  Horses and ponies are coming in plastered from head to toe in mud and those mud monsters are in pure delight. Many of you are spending hours on those dark evenings grooming and undoing your horses hard work of trying to become a hippo. CAN be EASIER and Snuggy Hoods are here to help you in any way we possibly can!
We offer an extensive range of Turn Out products to suit all those in need. 
- Turn Out Hoods - to cover head, neck, shoulders & fasten behind the front leg to anchor in place.
muddy horse rolling
- Headless Turn Out Hood - ideal for those using standard neck rugs & looking to keep their mud monsters neck clean whilst trying to help prevent mane loss.
headless turn out hood
- Turn Out Head - Ideal for use with a combo rug or turn out rug with neck cover.  The head is designed to be secured into the neck of your rug by a piece of velcro which you need to sew in, the velcro then loops through the D ring on the top of the head and sticks back to itself. Made from a mud-proof, weatherproof and windproof fabric.
muddy horse wearing snuggy hoods turn out head
- Winter Under Rug - It doesn't get much better than this when you are looking to keep tummys clean, warm and dry.  The IDEAL base layer which will stop wind chills, keep your clip for longer, help those older horses keep warm .... all whilst being easy to wash at home in your machine.
winter under rug on horse
We offer a great range of sizes in all of products, the hoods come with an optional zip for those horses who may be a little head shy or sensitive.  We would generally always recommend to go for a pull on hood unless you really need a zip.  
We can make hoods completely open fronted if a horse will not allow anything at all to pass over it's head, this would incur an alteration fee of £25 although totally worth it for those who wish to use to products.
The majority of the time horses and ponies will fit into one of our standard sizes although if this is not the case then we do offer a made to order service.  Our friendly team are always on hand to offer fitting and sizing advice as well as recommend products which will be best suited to your requirements. 
By keeping your horses and ponies cleaner it gives you back many hours of valuable time, you can then spend this time in the saddle rather than fighting to brush mud off of your horses ears off!
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