Q. How do I know if my horse's hood/rug fits correctly?

The team at Snuggy Hoods are here to help you with any queries regarding fit, usage, wear and tear, repairs & alterations. If you need help or advice please call (+441225 783399) us or email sales@snuggyhoods.com.

As with any garment (especially one being worn by horses) we do offer advice on keeping it in “tip top” condition.

Most important is to make sure you are happy with the fit before leaving your horse in his new “clothes”. If you have any queries with the fit, do please get in touch without delay. As with any item of clothing, incorrect fit can cause discomfort, rubbing and damage to the item/animal. If you are in doubt, please contact us before leaving your horse unattended.

Feel free to send photos but as a rule of thumb, "if in doubt - don't turn out"!



Q. My hood slips back - why ?

Have you done up the surcingle on the girth - as far toward the front leg as possible, as tight as possible to prevent it slipping back....

Is the hood too big? Please send photos

Headless Hood - is the cuff around the gullet too loose?



Q. My rug slips back and hangs down the the tail and is getting very mucky... Why ?

Your rug is probably too big. The fleece pad needs to sit about 4-5 inches in front of the wither (it must sit high over the shoulder). The seam for the tail flap must sit just on or above the base of the tail. If it is hanging any lower it is too long and will encourage the whole thing to pull back... take photos and send them to us. We can advise some easy alterations.The neck must be tight and sit high - in front of the shoulder blade.



Q. The neck of my Bug Body is very tight. I am concerned it will uncomfortable.

Be assured that the neck should be tight. Make sure it is sitting high in front the shoulder blade (at the base of the narrowest point of the base of the neck) a good 5 inches in front of the sensitive wither area. The binding under the fleecy pads is elasticated to prevent pressure. The fabric will relax considerably in use. By all means send photos showing the fit if concerned.



Q. Does the Lycra Hood and Rug fit the same as the Turn Out Hood and winter under rug ?

Lycra is much more stretchy and silky. Designed to fit tight, some customers do order a size smaller to ensure a good tight photo finish look....



Q. There is a hole at the end of the zipper. Is this normal?

Unfortunately, we are unable to sew this due to the positioning of the zipper. it will not cause any issue in use but cosmetically, if preferred, you can easily sew this gap by hand.


Q. I keep finding droppings/urine in my horses udder/sheath cover...why?

Please ensure firstly that the cover is a tight fit. Make sure that the straps are passed UNDER the elastic fillet string. The cover must fit tight up between the butt cheeks, fastened high up on the sides of the rug. Make sure that the rug is not too long. The seam for the tail protection should sit no lower than the base of the tail.... Feel free to photograph so that we can advise of any necessary alterations. Normally this is due to the straps being too long or the rug being too long at the back.


Q.  ZIP OR PULL ON ? - we would always recommend a pull on hood unless the horse is head shy. Why? Less fiddly, Less to break, Less Bulky. If your horse is head shy or would find fitting stressful or upsetting, we would always recommend a zipped hood. 


Q. What is the difference in the fabric, summer/winter turn out and Lycra...?

The fabric composition and water repellent treatment for both the summer and winter hoods and rugs is exactly the same. The difference is the weight. The summer hoods and rugs are approx 40g/m lighter in weight. The winter ones are also a little more sensible in colour for the mud.

The lycra is different altogether, being finer, lighter and more stretchy than the poly spandex used for the outdoor hoods. it is similar to dance wear hence it being inadvisable to use long term and outdoors, nor on horses and ponies that itch as it will tear. It is great for the night before a show to protect plaits and keep off the dust. It is not treated for water repellency.

Q - My hood is very tight across the chest ?

It is probably sitting too far back which is causing it to pull tight over the shoulder.

If you get 5 minutes, read and watch the fitting advice as this is really useful.https://snuggyhoods.com/pages/fitting-advice

Basically the hood should sit just behind the withers - straight up from the elbow. The surcingle should be at the front of the girth, directly behind the elbow and tight tight tight to prevent it sliding back as shown in the photos here.

Now pull all the excess fabric forward into the neck, loosening off the shoulder and restriction in the neck.

The cuff around the throat must be tight and it is worth remembering that the fabric will relax quickly in use.

Q. My hood/rug has ripped - why ?

Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee the product against damage in use. If caught on something, it will tear - as with any item of clothing. The fabric is incredibly easy to repair by hand or machine. Contact us for any advice and if any spare fabric patching is needed.

Q. Some of the stitching has snapped on the seams. Will this affect the use of the hood?

Unfortunately, if the item is caught or damage, this can cause the stitching to snap. So long as this is on a cosmetic seam - rather than a seam which holds the item together - this will not affect the use at all. We recommend you having the item refurbished at the end of the season when you are not using it. This will ensure it is ready for use when needed again.

Q. I’ve forgotten my username and/or my password, what can I do?

Your username will be the e-mail address you used when you placed a previous order.

Your password can be sent to you, click on the sign-in link at the top of the homepage and you will see an area asking you to enter your email address if you have forgotten your password. Submit your email address and your password will be emailed to you.


Q. How should I wash my Snuggy rugs and hoods?

Our hoods and rugs MUST be washed in a washing machine at 40-60 degrees to remove grease and dirt, but please do not tumble dry. Remember to fasten any Velcro before washing to avoid hair and ‘bits’ getting stuck in the sticky velcro! Standard fabric detergent and softener are recommended. We recommend you wash regularly used hoods and rugs at least every 14 days to avoid grease build up on the inside. This will be more comfortable for your horse and will prolong the life of the fabric.



Q. Will the hairs clog my machine?

If you are concerned about this you can purchase the Snuggy Laundry Bag.https://snuggyhoods.com/products/laundry-bag This has been designed to allow you to wash the items you would not normally put inside your machine for fear of hair, mud and grit clogging up the filter. It has an added benefit of cushioning small buckles and clips thus protecting the drum from additional wear and tear.


Q. My horse’s mane has been rubbed out by his high-necked rug. Will your hoods stop this happening?

We have many telephone calls every day concerning this issue, and have ourselves been affected by this problem in the past. We cannot guarantee our hoods will stop this happening, though it may help – we highly recommend the Headless Turn Out Hood for winter mane protection and the Sweet Itch Headless Hood for summer mane protection. We recommend using a rug without a neckpiece or folding back the rug’s neck extension, your hood will offer sufficient protection to your horse’s head and neck without the extra protection of the neck of your rug. To keep mane loss to a minimum we advise using a rug without a neckpiece or just use a rug neck on very wet or especially cold days. Grease can also cause rubbing so ensure that the hood is washed in the machine at least once a fortnight.


Q. How often should I wash my rugs and hoods?

You should wash anything that comes into contact with your horse’s skin as often as possible, certainly at least twice a month. This will prevent grease and grime from building up. Do check the mane saver and tail guard for grease regularly.



Q. Can I turn my horse out in his hood?

Our Turn Out Hoods are designed for use outdoors being hard wearing whilst breathable, heavy shower proof and 100% mud proof. This is assuming the Hood is the right size and fitted correctly. If you need sizing or fitting advice please contact us before using the Snuggy garment.

We don't recommend Lycra Hoods or Rugs are used in the field as they are not weather proof and will be easily damaged. Fleece Hoods are fine for outdoor use if the field/grass is completely dry.

When trying on a hood for the first time, we do advise that this is done in the stable - just in case your horse objects !!!!


Q. Are your hoods waterproof?

Our Turn Out Hood, Headless Hood, Sweet Itch Mask, Winter Under Rug, Sweet Itch Hood/ Rug and Bug Body are all heavy shower proof. The fabric is coated with a water repellent element when made. The horse can stand out in a rain shower and should come in with only a few damp spots. You can also use a product such as NikWax to improve the water repellency if required.



Q. What happens if I buy the wrong size?

We are more than happy to exchange the item if returned within 14 days in new condition with all original packaging. A pre-paid Royal Mail returns label is provided for all non-sale items/orders. Please see our terms & conditions for full details. All sale items/orders are to be returned at the customer’s expense. We don’t charge additional postage for exchanges so the cost from Snuggy Hoods back to the customer is covered by us.

 Q. I need to return an item - what do I do ? 

If the hood is used or left on for more than simply trying on, unfortunately you will not be able to return it unless deemed faulty or returning for alteration or repair. 
If you have tried it on and find that you need an alternative size, exchange or find that it does not suit, it can be retuned. Refunds will be processed on items returned within 14 days of receiving it. Credit notes and exchanges can be processed on items / orders returned within 3 months of receipt. 

Make sure that any marks made trying on are wiped with a clean cloth. (DO NOT WASH UNLESS RETURNING FOR REPAIR OR ALTERATION!) Remove stray hairs and DO UP ALL VELCRO. Roll or fold carefully into the original storage bag. Include all labelling and write on the invoice with your request for exchange or refund. Pre-paid labels can be provided for all non-sale/discounted items. Simply email us and request one. It will be sent by email and must be printed and attached to the parcel. 

Q. How do I know if it’s a perfect fit?

We enclose instructions with every hood/rug as a guide and we are also available to answer questions by email. Please refer to the relative product photos on our website and each product has a product video to help you assess the size/fit. For us to advise directly whether a hood or rug is the correct size it is essential for us to see photos before the item is used. Please email the photos to sales@snuggyhoods.com. Clear, side view photos are needed, showing the whole hood or rug including (hoods only) one photo showing the horse/pony eating from the ground.


Q. My horse’s Hood/Head has slipped – what do I do?

The most common reasons for a Hood to move is either it has been fitted incorrectly or is not the right size. A Hood can also slip/move if caught on something or pulled by another horse. We are happy to help check the fit of a Hood/Rug if there is a problem. Just take come clear photographs, side view with head up and head down and email to sales@snuggyhoods.com with details of the issue and your contact details. In most cases problems with fit can be solved quickly with a simple alteration or two but we are here and happy to help with any size/fit issues.


Q. Do they need to be removed everyday?

Your hood need only be removed when you are using your horse or for washing. This is providing the size/fit is correct and your horse is checked daily and comfortable.


Q. How comfortable are they for the horse?

Fitting like a second skin we have designed the product to be as comfortable for the horse using soft breathable fabric and lining the mane and shoulder with silky fabric to prevent any chaffing and rubbing. Comfort will depend on the size/fit being correct and the garment being kept clean and checked regularly. 


Q. Will my horse get hot in warmer weather?

Sweet Itch Hoods, Rugs, Heads and Bug Bodies are made from a lightweight, fully breathable fabric so are suitable for use in all climates keeping your horse cool and comfortable. If your horse is not used to wearing ‘clothes’ in the hotter months you may find it takes a short while for them to adapt to being covered up. Leave the Hood/Rug/Body on to allow the horse time to adjust. You may find he sheds an extra layer of summer coat to compensate leaving a beautiful shiny summer coat! You will find hair gathering in the belly, do not be alarmed - this is him/her adjusting to his/her new layer. leave it on 24/7 removing only to groom, ride or wash the rug.


Q. I’ve had a similar hood before and they never seem to fit around the eyes and would ride forward over his withers – why are yours so different?

Our Hoods are self-fixing with no rug attachments. They have soft elastic around the nose (except the Shiny Show Hood) to ensure there is no movement on the head. Available in ten sizes and have large eye and ear holes. Made from a substantial fabric similar to polyester jodhpur material. They extend to beyond the saddle area and are measured to allow the horse to put his head down and eat without any tension.


Q. Why are they so expensive compared to others I’ve seen advertised by other companies?

Snuggy Hoods are not the same as other material hoods on the market. They have been designed by a family-run business for 25 years and through a course of trial and error they have come up with a hood that is suitable for turnout. They are made from a substantial fabric that is heavy shower proof so the horse can be turned out in the heaviest of rain. They have built in mane and shoulder savers to ensure there is no rubbing, they are self-fixing which means that no rug attachments are needed.


Q. Will my horse get too hot in the summer with it on?

The fabric is fully breathable so will not retain heat; horses/ponies should remain cool, calm, comfortable and insect free whilst wearing our summer hoods, rugs and accessories. However, we would recommend that your horse be brought in to a cooler building (stable/barn/shelter) on an exceptionally hot day, whether wearing a rug or not. We do recommend you give your horse a week to adapt to using our rug. He will shed a layer of coat and some horses feel warmer whilst adapting but this will only last for a few of days. Horses are amazing at acclimatisation!


Q. What material is the Sweet Itch/Bug Body made of and how does it work?

This clever, unique fabric is lightweight and fully breathable yet hard-wearing enough to be worn in the field to prevent flies and midges biting, and the horse from damaging itself from rubbing. The fabric is easy to wash and repair. It is not scientifically tested to be UV proof but we know that it will stop coat bleaching and sun burn so it does filter the majority of harmful UV rays to protect your horse or pony.


Q. My horse has severe sweet itch and seems to rip everything we put on him. Will your rugs damage easily?

The summer fabric is durable but if the horse catches it on something sharp or protruding it may rip. Also, it will not stand up to barbed wire or blackthorn for example. We understand that a lot of people do not have perfect fencing but recommend that customers electrify their field to prevent the horse being able to scratch if barbed wire is present to minimise fabric damage. General rolling, rubbing and playing should not result in damage. All of our products are easy to repair, we can provide spare fabric pieces and Velcro to customers free of charge via the post. We also offer a fantastic ‘in house’ repair service for all Snuggy garments.


Q. Do they take long to dry when they’ve got wet? Do they stretch?

Being a water repellent, man-made fabric it will dry incredibly quickly with your horse’s body heat.


Q. I'm concerned about the fit / the fabric / the design, shall I leave it on my horse ?

Absolutely not, Get straight in touch by phone 01225 783399 or email sales@snuggyhoods.com.
We have to assume that customers will be very fussy with the fit, suitability, fabric etc of their product before leaving it on the animal. Whereas 99% of horses and ponies will find the standard fit perfect, the fabric comfortable and the design second to none, there are obviously those that the product will not suit. We are unable to guarantee the suitability of a product for your horse. We are, however, here to help.


Q. Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes we do, these can be bought online. Please contact us for further details – sales@snuggyhoods.com or +441225 783399

 Q. I have received a call from the courier asking for payment before delivery? Why ?

Since January 2021, the UK is not part of the EU. Therefore, if you are located outside the UK, you will be expected to pay the local rate of VAT in your country of residence. You will also see that the local UK rate of VAT (being 20%) has already been deducted from your order to compensate for the local fee. Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do with these charges.


General advice

You can by all means use the hood with a high/full/combo rug but if the rug is already rubbing, it is unlikely that your hood will prevent this whilst using the same rug.

Our hoods have always been water repellent rather than water proof - and were actually designed and introduced over 30 years ago - when the old green New Zealand rugs didn't have necks - and were only water repellent. They are perfectly suitable for use with no other cover on top.

If the weather is wet and the horse lives out, and we experience heavy persistent rain, the hood will feel wet. Put your hand up inside the hood and whilst the horse will be damp he will not feel cold and uncomfortable. Leave the hood on, it will dry as quickly as the coat would without any cover but being wind resistant, will not experience wind chill.

If the horse comes in at night wet, again, leave the hood on. It'll be dry within the hour. Personally I have 2 x hoods and matching bodies and wash them weekly, changing one for the other. Other than that, they stay on unless we are riding in which case they come off and if damp and muddy, go back on damp and muddy.

When washing them (and we recommend once a fortnight), please use plenty of detergent and softener.... If you would like to add extra proofing, use Nik Wax TX Direct (https://snuggyhoods.com/products/nikwax-tx-direct-wash-in-300ml)  which will aid water repellency, It is a wash in product that simply goes in the washing machine with the hood/rug.

Please get straight in touch with any concerns or questions.