Horse Sheath Cover - Sweet Itch, Midge & Fly protection around the sheath and inner thigh - Snuggy Hoods

Sheath Cover

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Inspired by our extremely successful Udder Cover we have spent a long time designing the Snuggy Sheath Cover. The clever design allows the horse/pony to still urinate comfortably but at the same time offering maximum protection of the sheath area.

Made from the same fabric as the Sweet Itch Body it is a separate piece so can be removed for regular washing and attaches to the rug with strong Velcro fastenings. A must for those severe sufferers.

Designed specifically and successfully trialed for use with the Sweet Itch Rug or Bug Body.

These items are purchased separately and need the appropriate attachments sewn on to the Sweet Itch Rug or Bug Body Fly rug. During a sale/offer or discount period, customers are asked to add the appropriate attachments to their basket. If this is not done, you will simply receive an attachments pack with instructions leaflet, to enable you to add the necessary attachments yourself.

Fitting advice - this product must be a close tight fit !! Straps must pull up between hind legs fastening high up either side the tail. If rug is either too long or straps are too long the sheath cover will collect droppings. Any concerns, check with us first, sending photos for us to check

Rug size - SC size

4'6-5'3 - XS

5'3-5'6 - S

5'9-6'3 - M

6'6 - 6'9 - L

7'0 ++ - XL

Sizes - XS to XL
Colour - Beige, Brown & Haint Blue

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