Best Horse Hood for Winter Mane Protection

Maintain Mane Condition

Here at Snuggy Hoods we receive phone calls every day from horse owners asking "how do I stop my horse's mane being rubbed out"? The best solution is to not use a turn out rug with a full neck or combo on your horse or pony, use a standard neck outdoor rug. But of course we like to keep our horse or pony warm, dry and clean through the winter months.

The best solution for mane loss in our experience whilst protecting your horse from rain, mud, cold and wind is the Headless Turn Out Hood which is suitable for use in the stable or in the field in all weathers. You don't need to use a full neck rug as it's a weatherproof Hood so providing you wash the Headless Hood regularly and keep the mane free from grease your horse should have a beautiful mane ready to show off in the Spring!