Care for the Older Horse

care for the older horse this winter with snuggy hoods

As more horses and ponies are living longer, more advice is offered to ensure that they are kept comfortable in their twilight years.

Common age related disorders

1. Arthritis

2. Liver and kidneys

3. Cataracts

4. Sarcoids and melanomas

5. Degenerative joint disease

6. Loss of body condition

There are a whole host of supplements on the market now but where coverage and care of the coat and joints are concerned, we are here to help.

The Turn out hood and winter under rug are the best base layer to keep tummy, neck and ears warm and dry. You can also change for the cosy Snuggy Jams once he or she comes in.

Our Fleece boots are commonly used on the veteran horse or pony, in the stable to keep joints warm and to dry off cold wet legs after a day/night in the paddock.

Resulting in your old friend being comfortable and cosy this winter. Please get in touch for any further help or advice.