Horse Rugs For Heavy Horses: The Best Choice In Rugs From Snuggy Hoods

Dictionary definition of a heavy horse: A draft horse, draught horse or dray horse, less often called a work horse or heavy horse, is a large horse bred for hard heavy tasks such as ploughing and farm labour.

Obviously these days not all heavy horses are bred for work tasks. If you own a heavy horse then a Snuggy Rug may be a suitable choice.

Take a look at our range of rugs for horses. Our Summer horse rugs are many and varied and we like to think we have a size for every horse out there!

rugs for heavy horses

Fitting Your Horse Rug - Measuring Advice

  • Before trying on any Snuggy garment make sure the horse/pony is clean and scurf free
  • Un-do the Velcro tabs of the rug belly and slip the neck opening over the horse’s/pony’s head.
  • Pull rug backwards into position and fasten Velcro tabs on each side (at the front of each patch is best)
  • Slip tail over elastic fillet strap and fasten tail wrap around tail if the rug has one.
  • Make sure the fleece pad sits well in front of the wither at the base of the neck.
  • Check the length of the rug is correct, it should finish at the top of the tail If using with a hood, make sure the rug sits on top of the hood.

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