How does your sizing work and covering the larger horse ....

One of the most common questions we receive is "what size rug should I order"? followed by "my horse is very wide, should I order a larger size"?

Due to the stretch in the fabric and the tight fit we recommend, it is incredibly rare for a customer to have to size up when purchasing one of our summer rugs/blankets.

We have spoken to Sarah Warburton who owns the beautiful Lucky - featured in our sizing guide -

We asked :

Q - How long have you owned Lucky and when did you realise she had sweet itch?

A - I have had Lucky for 8 years since the day she was born. Sadly she lost her mum and I bottle fed her for the first 4 months of her life - so essentially she is like my child 😍

Q - Can you tell us a little more about her and when you discovered she had sweet itch?

A - Lucky hasn't been officially measured but she is around 17.2 and I am guessing she is around 850kg in weight. She developed Sweet Itch when she was about 2 years old, rubbing the tail and mane. She developed scabbing to the poll and top of her quarters where she was starting to itch.

Lucky is ridden 4 times per week on average spending the day in the paddock and night in the stable - being treated like the Queen she is. Her days consist of lots of kisses, cuddles and carrots - she is very human orientated being an Orphan. She is currently being cared for by my sister whilst I am having a baby.

Q - How do you manage her Sweet Itch ?

A - I manage her sweet itch mainly with hoods and body suits. I have never been a big believer of lotions and potions and supplements as I have tried pretty much everything out there. The only thing I have found to keep it at bay is Snuggy Hoods. She lives in  hers 24/7 and it keeps her mane and tail safe, protects from the flies and her coat is like glass !!!
We top it up with pig oil smoothed onto the ends of her mane. If she is looking itchy, a bath will normally do the trick.

Lucky has tried other sweet itch hoods and rugs but she always still manages to rub through to certain areas or they slip or simply do not fit correctly. I have been using Snuggy Hoods for coming up 6 years now and never looked back.

She wears the standard XL hood and 6'6 Rug.

Q - Do you find she gets hot in her hoods and rugs ?

A - I have never known her get hot in her rugs. I do opt for the lighter colours in the summer and if the weather is really hot I tend to keep her in or put in a paddock with plenty of shade. In the winter she uses the winter turn out and under rug with her regular rugs on top.

Q - What are Luckys plans for summer 2024 ?

A - Lucky is being competed by my sister Rose and they have a few "Horse of the Year Show" qualifiers lined up (having already competed there and been placed 8th and 5th). Rose has dedicated herself to Lucky this season due to me not being able to do as much. I do miss riding her but I enjoy watching her just as much 😁

Do get in touch with any sizing queries as we are always happy to help.