Snuggy Hoods Sponsor RDA Gala Awards 2016

Horse or Pony of the Year (sponsored by Snuggy Hoods): Mickey from The Brae RDA.

What a truly inspiration evening and an absolute pleasure to be involved with, the Snuggy Hoods team headed to London to attend the RDA GALA AWARDS 2016.

Mickey - The Horse Who Has It All!

Mickey is a very special horse who loves his job. Mickey provides horse riding, carriage driving and hippotherapy lessons to a wide range of clients, and is also trained in back riding.

In November 2015, Mickey began his training to become The Brae group’s first vaulting horse; he now provides his third block of vaulting lessons – an extraordinary achievement in just eight months.

Without Mickey’s hard work and enthusiasm to learn, it would not have been possible for the vaulters to benefit greatly from their lessons. Vaulting has improved the lives of the clients, making a huge impact on their self-confidence, balance, motor skills, flexibility and co-ordination. The sessions allow the team of vaulters to work in a group and give the vital communication skills to be able to work together, particularly when two vaulters are on Mickey together.

Volunteers also benefit massively from Mickey’s extraordinary achievements, excelling in confidence, self-esteem, patience, determination and communication skills. They also built up trust and now have a very special relationship with Mickey. Volunteers who had never seen or heard of equestrian vaulting before, had the chance to learn and ‘have a go’ while teaching Mickey. Seeing vaulters grinning from ear to ear when they are up on Mickey and seeing what these clients gain from just one session makes it all worthwhile. Mickey also helps teach new volunteers the various skills mandatory for the green card.

The Brae is constantly fundraising to raise much-needed funds to keep the centre running and Mickey is a huge help. From posing for photos, to going for adventures in the horse box (including a visit to a local primary School, along with his tie and school bag), Mickey loves every minute of it.

With his relaxed, kind and caring nature, he is loved by many riders, vaulters, carriage drivers, volunteers, staff, visitors and the other horses, of course. Mickey is truly a horse in a million and deserves to be recognised for all his hard work he does and has done for the past four years at The Brae.

Watch the Snuggy Hoods "Horse of the Year" presentation - click here

Marilyn Harford from Snuggy Hoods presenting the "Horse of the Year Award 2016".

The Snuggy Hoods Ladies enjoying a fantastic night of celebration at RDA Gala Awards 2016.

The Snuggy Hoods Ladies attending the RDA Gala Awards 2015.