Snuggy Hoods - Then & Now

Snuggy Hoods is a family run company based in Wiltshire. It started more than 20 years ago when Marilyn Harford wanted to make something for her pony who suffered terribly with sweet itch.

Her designs and clothing soon got her noticed. Marilyn was invited to have a stand at Badminton Horse Trials. The business has grown ever since, from Marilyns attic to offices in Holt. Becky Godfrey-Fausset, Marilyns daughter now oversees the day-to-day running of the company.

Snuggy Hoods is a constantly evolving business, this year is very different to last year and next year will be different again. This is for many reasons. Becky and her team never sit back; the products are constantly reviewed and tweaked. New items are added, older ones discontinued. Snuggy Hoods is a seasonal business; in the winter it’s mud which needs tackling, in the summer the fly is the enemy.

The garments are known for their innovation and flexibility; they are bought by many around the world from Germany, to America to Australia. Riders across the equine world also endorse snuggy Hoods. Eventer Mary King, Showing Team Harvey, Endurance Rider Louise Rich, International Para Dressage rider Natalie Povey. It goes to show that regardless of discipline we still want our horses, clean, shiny and protected from the elements.

In 2012 Snuggy Hoods was awarded the Royal Warrant in recognition for supplying Her Majesty The Queens horses with clothing.

Snuggy Hoods has good relationships with other businesses in the equine sector, especially those that are also based in the West Country. Clippersharp and Snuggys often cross paths at events. Both companies hold dear their core values of quality and integrity – ensuring what they sell is what they believe in. It is a special thing to share common ground with another business striving to be the best it can be. Both Snuggy Hoods and Clippersharp also sponsor Mary King – she too is based in the south west.

Behind the scenes, in the last few years, Snuggy Hoods has looked more than ever to its knowledgeable and loyal customers. Snuggy Hoods has learnt about social media and what that has to offer. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest are all platforms which offer instant feedback from customers. Conversations happen directly and result in horses and ponies getting the best out of Snuggy Hoods as soon as possible.

The digital age is an exciting time and Snuggy Hoods is enjoying the ride.