• Natalie Povey Blog Update

    Natalie Povey Blog Update

    Blog for July and August At the beginning of July we made the trip to the vets to reviews Tidy’s soundness issues – there was a vast improvement from the last visit and we seem to be on the right road. With Tidy’s improvement and new management routine, it was agreed that I could bring Tidy back into full work slowly, I had been...
  • Snuggy Hoods Breeches in action at HOYS

    Snuggy Hoods Breeches in action at HOYS

    Snuggy Hoods breeches in action at the Horse of the Year Show (modelled beautifully by Meg Thompson with her beautiful horse So Sweet)Available in Navy, Black, Burgundy, Beige ...COMING SOON - GREY Shop here - https://snuggyhoods.com/products/comfort-sports-breeches…
  • Snuggy Hoods NEW Bloggers

    Snuggy Hoods NEW Bloggers

    You may have noticed that Snuggy Hoods have recently been on the hunt for keen Equine Bloggers to join forces with.  We would like to introduce to you Toulaye Vereijken from the Netherlands and Talicia Beardsmore from Australia.  Both of these ladies caught Snuggy Hoods eye, they each have a large following on Instagram featuring high quality images and great engagement with all of...
  • Natalie Povey Sponsored Rider Blog – May 2019

    Natalie Povey Sponsored Rider Blog – May 2019

    Natalie Povey Sponsored Rider Blog – May 2019 This month, preparations are well under way for the British Dressage Winter Championships at the end of the month. Tidy has been going so well and has progressed so much in this last year. I have been working on fine tuning the little things that make that extra difference with guidance from our coach Helen Hopewell....
  • Catch up with Natalie Povey's Latest Blog

    Catch up with Natalie Povey's Latest Blog

    Blog for February and March 2018 The last two months we have been busy working on our training as well as having our weekly lessons with Helen. We have been working on Fulltide not being quite so reactive to my aids so we maintain the relaxation, as Fulltide is very sensitive to my aids so I am learning to ask her less so she...
  • Keeping Up with the King's

    Keeping Up with the King's

    It has been all steam ahead from the beginning of January. We are very fortunate to have Becca back with us for a second year, and then we have a new groom called Sophie Benger, who is lovely and settling into the King routine very well. My horses did 3 weeks roadwork, then I started to introduce a bit of schooling. lunging, pole work and...
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