• What is Sweet Itch?

    What is Sweet Itch?

    Sweet itch is an allergic reaction to bites from mosquitos and midges which can affect almost any horse or pony - regardless of type, breed and age – but research does show it is particularly prevalent in some native breeds. Sweet itch is the most common allergic skin disease in the UK and affects around five per cent of our horse population. The types...
  • Snuggy Sooty & Janey are off to HOYS

    Snuggy Sooty & Janey are off to HOYS

    So it all began on the 28.02.16 when Snuggy Sooty and Janey joined for their their debut outing, they have never looked back! In Janey's first year competing within the first ridden classes the two superstars WON the HOYS FR at NPS and went on to win Mini Champion. There is NOTHING that a Sweet Itch pony can not achieve and Sooty is the...
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