The Best Stable Horse Rugs: How To Choose The Right Rug For Your Horse

Stable Horse Rugs To Keep Your Horses Coat Perfect All Year Round - After working so hard all Summer to keep your horses coat shiny the last thing you want is the Winter coat to start growing through and scupper all of your hard work.

What Is The Jams Stable Rug Made From?

The Snuggy Jams stable Rug is made from the softest, cosy polar fleece covering body and belly.

How Does The Stable Rug Fit?

It is elasticated at wither and chest and around the rear for a close yet comfortable fit.

Teamed with the Snuggy Jams Hood this great set provides ultimate coverage for winter warmth.

We know it's a little early to be talking about Winter rugs and hoods but it's best to be prepared. Forward planning is the best way to keep your horse's coat in tip top condition.

Choosing A Stable Rug

When choosing a stable rug there are a couple of things you need to know:

Often referred to as 'night blankets' stable rugs are designed to be worn when your horse is inside (stable or stalls) sometimes they are made from a more light weight fabric designed to keep the coat clean while some may be designed for warmth. Precisely for this reason we don't expect them to face the same wear and tear as other rugs.