Tips & tricks to achieve show ring shine

Looking to improve on your showing scores this season?

Snuggy Hoods are here to provide you with a little advice on how to improve the overall appearance of your horse or pony for the show ring, to include coat shine, coat health and many more tips and tricks. * The Snuggy Hoods Shiny Show Hood & Rug

An essential part of any show horse or pony's wardrobe, they save valuable time grooming and are a life saver when it comes to protecting plaits overnight or during travel.

We often have an erray of colours on offer although our standard colours are Black & Navy. Designed to be worn a couple of days before a show to increase coat shine, help the coat to lie flat, train the mane to lie over and keep those stable stains at bay. If in doubt regarding sizing then please contact the office on 01225 783399 as it is paramount that the correct size is achieved for optimum results.

* Snuggy Hoods Summer Hoods - (Headless or full hood option)

These hoods provide all of the above qualities although are made from a slightly more robust material. Ideal for those who live out 24/7 in the run up to their show or the ultra dirty greys which are artists at painting themselves in poo. The weatherproof fabric will eliminate ANY stable stains from seeping through and staining the hair. This can be used together with the Spik & Span or Sweet Itch rug which is a slightly lighter weight fabric more suited to summer use.

* If you are suffering with mane loss from winter rugs rubbing then MegaTek Rebuilder is superb for aiding hair regrowth.

* One secret to achieving a great shine on the coat is to hot rag your horse all over with warm water diluted detol, rub the coat over once a week and leave to dry. Fit your Snuggy Hoods Shiny Show Hood & Rug after the coat has dried and wait until you see the difference.

The perfect item to use when travelling and during warm up at shows are the following products, they are extremely popular and I could most certainly not live without them!

* The Snuggy Hoods waterproof tail bag - small but effective, easily attached and keeps the tail glowing until taken out of the bag ready for your class.

* Snuggy Hoods Travel/ Stable Boots - many use these boots during warm up to avoid getting legs dusty & dirty, ensuring that white socks remain clean and helps keen a shine on the hair. If you have any questions or queries about any of the Snuggy Hoods products mentioned then please do not hesitate to contact us in the office on 01225 783399 or, we are always here to help.

Best of luck this season and be sure to share your photos on our Facebook page snuggyhoodsltd.