** Turn Out Hood Testimonial **

** Super Testimonial received from Ella regarding the Snuggy Hoods Weatherproof Turn Out Hood - Thanks again! **


I have now has 5 hoods that I've purchased from you guys. I brought a turnout hood from you at Olympia this year because I needed something that my welsh d (mojo) could wear out in the field but not get wet. He has severe skin allergies, so has to be covered up as much as he can. I show mojo county level so it's very important his coat looks great at all times, which is incredibly hard for us to control. Mojo has competed at hoys several years on the trot with his previous owners and they had the same difficulty of keeping his mane nice without him scratching, and making sure he doesn't rub bald bits all over his body. Ive owned him for 4 years and had the same problem. Your turnout hood has been amazing!!! He now has a full mane, no rubs, always kept dry even in the worst weathers. It's breathable and he never gets too hot in it, he can now also wear a rug with a neck in without it rubbing his mane out. Highly recommended!!

Thanks Ella